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There will be a lot to do during your senior year. Please take a moment to look at the checklist below for information to help you get started and keep on track.

Helpful Financial Aid Resources 

Information on Loans and borrowing for a college education 

CFNC Booklet:  Student Financial Aid for North Carolinians

LendeEDU Financial Aid Tutorial  

CFNC Financial Aid Workshop Powerpoint 


Fall Semester

  • Review courses, graduation requirements, and scholarship opportunities with your counselor. 

  • Select 3-5 colleges ~ a dream school, a safety school, and others in between.

  • Track application and financial aid deadlines for colleges through CFNC or the college's website.

  • Take the first SAT or ACT offered in the Fall if you still need additional test scores.  See Testing Information for dates and deadlines. Register on for the SAT and for the ACT. Make sure you choose all the schools you may apply to as recipients for your scores.

  • Write, edit, proofread, and rewrite your admissions essays early.

  • Ask teachers, counselors, or references to write letters of recommendation.

  • Attend college day and participate in College Application Week, if available. Please see Student Services for the College Day form if going during a school day and for information on College Application Week.

  • Complete online college applications at or the college's website before the deadlines.

  • Send in any other college applications not completed online.

  • Check with college financial aid offices for school-specific scholarship information and forms.

  • See the Scholarship Information page for scholarship opportunities. Register in Student Services to receive the newsletter by email.

  • Student-athletes send transcripts to NCAA Clearinghouse for eligibility certification. See Mr. McKnight in Student Services or click the link for more information.

  • Get an FSA ID (both student and one parent), so you can electronically sign your FAFSA. 

  • Complete and submit FAFSA at as soon as possible after October 1.

  • For help with your FAFSA, sign up at for a FAFSA Day near you. Check out the Student Services Calendar for local dates. Get an early start on financial aid possibilities and estimates with FAFSA4caster.

  • Complete the Residency Determination to establish in-state residency in North Carolina.  This number must be on every submitted college application.  

  • If you are considering the military, make sure you have met with a recruiter.  Here is a Marine Corps video to view if you are interested.

Spring Semester

  • Compare admission acceptance letters and financial aid packages.

  • Submit your enrollment deposit to hold your spot at the college you choose.

  • Apply for education loans, if needed.

  • Send in any college credit course transcripts. Ask the community college to send the transcript to your college of choice.

  • Take exams for any AP or college-level courses completed.

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