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New Student Enrollment

Davie County High School offers a wide range of courses such as AP, Honors, Dual Enrollment, NC Virtual Public School On-line, Fine Arts, and Career & Technical Education.  There are approximately 20 clubs and 20 athletic teams. We encourage you to get involved in several activities that are of interest to you.  Research shows that the more students are involved in their school, the more likely they are to succeed and enjoy the experience.

To get started, please read and complete the registration form online.  You should contact Student Services at 336-751-5905  to schedule a meeting with a counselor and discuss classes for next year. You may also email appointment requests to Michele Hamm.

Below you will find a list of the items you will need to bring with you. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

Items Needed from Parent / Legal Custodian at the Time of Enrollment 

Proof of Residency
Students are assigned to schools based on where their parent or legal custodian lives. Parent/legal custodian must show proof of residency with one of the following:

  • Mortgage/Lease/Rental Contract

  • Utility Bill (water, electric, gas, cable, landline phone)

Special Circumstances
If a student and parent are living with another family member, the parent or custodial parent must present a notarized statement indicating with whom and where the parent and student are living. Proof of residence for the family member must be given.

If previous records indicate a different parent name than the enrolling adult, the enrolling adult must show legal custodian paper (court) BEFORE the student can be enrolled.

A student who is not living with a parent or legal custodian parent as a result of a court order or child custody agreement may attend Davie County Schools if the student resides with an adult who is a domiciliary of (has a home in) Davie County if one of the conditions listed on the Caretaker Affidavits is met (see affidavit forms and instructions.)

Identification of the parent or custodial parent. (Drivers License or picture identification)

Withdrawal Form
The student must bring a signed withdrawal form from their previous school. (Student cannot be enrolled in two schools at the same time.) Summer transfers exempt.

Unofficial transcripts or report cards will help us register the student in the appropriate classes.

Proof of Promotion
Rising 9th graders who enroll in the summer prior to entering high school must show proof of promotion to the 9th grade.

Birth Certificate - certified copy
We will make a copy to keep in the student’s folder.

Immunization records must be received within 30 days of enrollment.

Re-Entering Davie County High School
Students wanting to re-enroll at Davie County High School must make an appointment with the Principal (if they were not enrolled in another public or private school) and have his/her approval to re-enter.

We welcome you to Davie County High School and with this information, we hope to make the enrollment process easier.